Landscaping and Handyman Services

If you have an outdoor area that needs repair or replacement, then Landscaping and Handyman Services is your right choice. Our team of professionals can do it all to make your venture a well-fenced and attractive one. For all your landscaping needs, we are there for you and are able to provide you with an affordable solution.

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Artificial Turf

Both commercial and residential properties in Torrance, CA, use artificial grass as a way to create a green lawn. In contrast to traditional lawn, artificial turf will not require any watering or maintenance.

J&G Handyman has the knowledge and experience to design and install artificial turf at your home. We offer artificial turf products that are suitable for various designs, durable and aesthetically pleasing.


Concrete Masonry

J&G Handyman can add concrete masonry to your home or landscape. Concrete and stone materials have an amazing look, color, and feel that can truly make your landscaping stand out.

Adding quality stone to your home can elevate its aesthetics and increase the value of your property.  A decorative pathway can be used to create an elegant entrance into a yard or garden. You can transform your home into something classy and sophisticated by using veneer stone. 

Irrigation Systems

Maintaining a garden or lawn with natural rainfall is difficult. Therefore, irrigation systems are used in localities to provide plants and grass with a regular flow of water. Utilizing irrigation systems can streamline the irrigation process so you no longer need to manually water your entire property.

J&G Handyman has installed countless industry-leading irrigation systems. Drizzle systems, sprinkler systems, bubbler systems, and underground systems have all been designed, installed, and tested by us. Get in touch with J&G Handyman today if you’re looking for irrigation installation services!


Landscaping and Handyman Services

There are many home maintenance, repair, and improvement projects a homeowner must complete, both interior and exterior. But who has the time or patience to handle everything yourself with today’s busy schedules? You can count on J&G Handyman of Torrance, CA for a wide range of repair, improvement, and remodeling services.


electrical repair

We specialize in electrical repairs, upgrades and installations.

painting services

We can paint your walls or refinish furniture with a fresh coat of stain.

landscaping services

Turn your yard into a beautiful garden with the help of our experienced team.

Assembly Services

Replace old, damaged, or outdated fixtures with new sleek, cost-effective options.

Flooring Services

Complete your tile design using ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and metal tile.

Home Repair

Home repair, home Improvement or home maintenance on your house

carpentry services

Remodel your home with just a few finishing touches or a complete overhaul of a room!

Fencing Services

Quality fence and gate installation, upgrading, repair and take down.

Dry Wall Services

A few dings in the wall or replacement of an entire panel

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